The Benefits of Biomass

A Flexible Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

We will agree a PPA with you for the supply of carbon neutral heat via a biomass boiler, biodiesel CHP of biomass gasifier ...

The sale of heat and/or power will remain at a fixed rate throughout the length of our agreement with increases only reflecting the retail price index.



Whether a process or environmental load our clients can access significant savings over fossil based alternatives.

Capex allocation for existing plant upgrades or renewal can be allocated elsewhere.

Multiple Occupancy Towers

UK-SE can obtain ECO and RHI funding for multiple occupancy towers. We have modelled the UK's largest district heating scheme ...

Our staff have been instrumental in obtaining the UK's largest CESP award for a district network.

There are significant opportunities for Local Authorities and Housing providers to change from old inefficient gas or electric heating systems whilst reducing the cost of heat to tenants.


Safeguard against energy price rises

We expect your savings to increase year on year as the cost of fossil fuel and related taxes continue to rise.

Safeguard against energy price rises means no unexpected energy price rises, just a predictable PPA for the length of contract decided by you.


Fossil fuels like coal and natural gas cannot regenerate and are unsustainable ...

Biomass like fossil fuels does release carbon dioxide on combustion, however biomass fuel already forms part of the earth's natural carbon cycle whereby carbon dioxide is absorbed from the atmosphere during the growth of a tree and then released back into the atmosphere after it dies, decays or burns.


Payback Periods

UK-SE are able to offer our clients Biomass installations with absolutely no capital expenditure required. Therefore there is a zero payback period.

Residential homes, multiple occupancy blocks, process loads (HTHW/Steam) and commercial premises all represent excellent viability.

Project Components


UK-SE can provide a fully comprehensive maintenance package to ensure your biomass installation operates efficiently.

Our designs include for backup plant (typically fossil or biodiesel) to ensure that all eventualities are covered.

Comprehensive plant replacement is built into the project as are services such as tenant billing and administration.

Term Lengths

A heat supply contract of upto 25 years is available to suit your requirements.

Term Lengths

Renewable Heat Incentive of Cfd

We will optimise your scheme or energy efficiency and ensure that the installation is complaint for the appropriate financial support ...

UK-SE has no vested interest in any technology and we will design your installation to best suit the applications whilst complying with all relevant standards.


The Development Process

UK-SE will prepare a full option appraisal for the scheme without charge or obligation.

We will establish the thermal profile of the application and accurately assess the solution. To do this we may need to monitor existing equipment or access utility data.

Depending upon the applications we will optimise external funding which can reduce the resultant energy purchase cost and provide additional services such as fuel supply or automated billing.

The Next Step

For more information on the scheme please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We will then request (if available) a copy of your energy usage data, this will allow us to undertake a free of charge, no obligation energy savings report modelling estimated energy and financial savings.