The Process

UK-SE - The Process
Analyse Energy Usage

1. Analyse Energy Usage

Assessing a company's half hourly energy data (electricity and/or gas) provides us with enough information to understand the opportunities for alternative energy sources whilst also identifying other beneficial opportunities.

We will produce a detailed report identifying demand profiles and highligthing any anomolies.

"“Unlike most companies in this sector we do not charge for this service”"

Undertake options appraisal

2. Undertake options appraisal

Whether you have a process or environmental load, there are always opportunities to optimise energy use and reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.

With experience in a wide range of sectors from data centres to confectionary manufacturing, we appreciate the need for reliability underpinned by good design.

As former Carbon Trust consultants the options appraisal will follow a tried and tested method of providing meaningful information.

"It is not always necessary to undertake large projects to achieve significant savings, the use of inverters, high frequency lighting, improved insulation and behavioural change are often very effective."

Assess financial options

4. Assess financial options

Zero Capital

UK-SE have brought millions of pounds of external funding for projects delivering energy to clients via flexible power purchase agreements. A typical power purchase agreement saves 40% of the cost of energy and flexible terms include:-

  • 1 to 25 year terms
  • 60 days' notice to terminate
  • Zero capital cost
  • No minimum usage


Our flexible approach allows us to work with you to deliver the project working alongside your own contractors or delivering projects ourselves.

Reduce costs, carbon and energy

5. Reduce costs, carbon and energy

With the carbon position having an increasingly prominent effect on corporate policy, delivering well thought out low carbon projects is becoming an increasing necessity.

UK-SE can advise on policy and mitigation measures so you achieve the best possible outcomes.

News Release - 23rd September 2014



New solar farm contract to provide up to 90 per cent of power requirements for BT's Adastral Park technology campus.

BT today announced a deal with UK Sustainable Energy Ltd (UK-SE) to take 100 percent of the green energy generated by UK-SE's new solar farm at Brightwell near Ipswich to power BT's Adastral Park research campus.

The agreement, believed to be the UK's biggest dedicated private scheme, will see Adastral Park, BT's main research and development site at Martlesham Heath, Suffolk, take a massive 8MW of power from the newly developed solar site at Brightwell. The solar farm covers 16 hectares, equivalent to around 40 football pitches, and contains more than 32,500 solar panels.

Dr Tim Whitley, BT's head of research, and managing director of Adastral Park said: "As a leading technology centre for the UK, we have a responsibility to find innovative ways of reducing our environmental impact. This contract represents another great step in reinforcing our sustainable energy plans for the park. This agreement will mean that the solar farm will supply up to 90 per cent of site demand on sunny summer days."